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Technical Description Laser Intros

Minimally invasive Intros Laser Therapy for hemorrhoids and anal fistulas is a non-harmful alternative to surgical interventions.
  • Shorter recovery times.
  • Reduction of postoperative pain.
  • Fewer local side effects on the sphincter and anal mucosa.
  • Optimum esthetic results.
  • Laser therapy is distinguished by its high level of safety and rapid healing process.
  • The operation can be performed under local or short-term anesthesia.

Intros Infinity Hemorrhoids

  • Stable fiber core diameter 600 μm.
  • Coned quartz tip.
  • Distal laser emission in 30º cone.

The pointed probe can be inserted into the hemorrhoidal pack to avoid leaving open wounds.

Intros Infinity Fistula

  • Stable fiber core diameter 600 μm.
  • Atraumatic rounded quartz tip.
  • Homogeneous cylindrical emission 4mm.

The fistula probe provides easy access even in narrow and curved fistulas for permanent occlusion of anal fistulas.


Made by:
Plus medica GmbH – Co. KG – Alemania