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Technical Description SOLARIS System

Solaris Stent Graft is a self-expanding coated stent made of a super elastic metal alloy (Nitinol) encapsulated in non-expanded electrospining PTFE, along its entire length except at the end of the ends, where it has 3 Tantalum marks to improve its visibility. The release system is a hydrophilic coaxial mesh pull back on 0.035″ guide with profile from 8FR.

Solaris Stent Graft:

  • Coated internally and externally with multidirectional PTFE microfibers injected by non-expanded electrospining, which confer greater durability and multidirectional resistance.
  • High flexibility with less shortening due to the nitinol design that combines open cells and balanced joints between the crowns.
  • 3 tantalum marks on each end of the stent.
  • Uncoated distal ends to guarantee a better apposition to the stent graft wall avoiding the invagination of the PTFE membrane.

Release System:

  • Working length 130 cm with hydrophilic coating.
  • Release system with Anti-Jump stent system, allowing a precise release of the stent.
  • Simple Pull Back release system.

Indications for use:

  • Treatment of in-stent restenosis in patients with native or prosthetic arteriovenous dialysis fistula.
  • Vacular stenosis and restenosis or reocclusion.
  • Directions.


Fabricado por:
Scitech Productos Médicos S.A – Brasil
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Technical Description BYCROSS System

  • The Bycross device está diseñado para el tratamiento transluminal de oclusiones vasculares agudas y crónicas restenosis intrastent y bypases nativos o protésicos.
  • The Bycross device is a single-use, fully disposable, rotary atherectomy tool designed to restore blood flow in cases of peripheral vascular disease (PVD).
  • This device works by being introduced through a guidewire and does not require the prior insertion of a guidewire to overcome an occlusion. This makes it particularly useful in cases of total occlusions where the passage of a wire is not possible.
  • The Bycross consists of a flexible shaft that rotates at high speed and has an expandable tip that debrides atheromas and thrombi, simultaneously aspirating them through an introducer sheath.
  • The device allows contrast to be injected to improve the safety and control of the procedure, and a remote control facilitates the operation by the physician.


Made by:
Scitech Productos Médicos SA – Brasil

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Technical Description IMPEDE: Biodegradable Vascular Occluder

  • The IMPEDE® embolization cap is a pushable embolization device consisting of a porous, self-expanding, shape memory polymer (SMP) plug, supplied with or without a preformed distal nitinol helical anchor hypotube and a proximal platinum marker band, depending on the version.
  • The device is supplied preloaded in an introducer with the SMP cap contracted. It is designed to be dispensed into the affected vessel via a guidewire through a standard catheter/vessel. Once deployed in the affected vessel and exposed to an aqueous medium and body temperature, the SMP plug will self-expand to embolize the affected vessel.


Made by: Shape Memory Medical INC – USA
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Technical Description ELUTAX3 System

The Elutax 3 Central device is a drug-transporting balloon dilator used for the treatment of central and peripheral vascular lesions..

The Elitax 3 device is the only one that carries two drug agents:

  • Paclitaxel, taxane, which is an antimicrotubule agent that inhibits cell proliferation preventing restenosis concentration of 2.2 μg paclitaxel/mm2.
  • Dextran sulfate, which has an adhesive and binding effect on paclitaxel post dilatation, as well as an antithrombotic effect, concentration 0.7 μg Dextran/mm2.

It consists of 3 layers that allow the transport and permanence of the drug agents in the lesion to be treated:

  • Ice layer: fixes the palitaxel to the balloon.
  • Snow Coat: paclitaxel crystals.
  • Gel layer: dextran protects paclitaxel transport, and fixes it to the internal part of the dilated duct.
The device is introduced through a 0.018″ guide which allows to reduce the crossing profiles, avoiding in most of the cases the previous predilatation.

Latex-free product.


Made by:
AR Baltic Medical – Lituania