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Technical Description REBOA System

  • The REBOA system is a specific kit for temporary aortic occlusion that allows control of bleeding in non-comprehensible locations, as well as hemodynamic stabilization.
  • The REBOA system is designed for use in pre- and intra-hospital environments.
  • It consists of a large diameter non-distensible low pressure balloon of 15 mm, 20 mm of ultra low profile compatible with 6F. and 7F. introducers that due to its design by means of markings on the catheter can be introduced in the aortic area without the need for fluoroscopy.


Manufactured by:
REBOA Medical – Noruega

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Technical Description GIANT S SystemTechnical Description GIANT S System

  • El Catheter Giant S consists of a balloon expandable to a maximum diameter of 46mm. The useful length of the catheter is 100 cm, with the use of a 0.038″ guide. Compatible with a 12 Fr introducer. The balloon has 2 radiopaque marks indicating the inflation zone, allowing its correct placement. aortic solutions.
  • The inflation of the balloon is done through 2 two lumens that end internally in 6mm long holes, allowing a very fast inflation and deflation of the balloon.

Indications for Use GIANT S

  • El Giant S Balloon Catheter has been designed to assist in the expansion of self-expandable stents used for the treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA), Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm (TAA) and the temporary occlusion of a non-diseased vessel using a vascular section.


128937 · Giant S – AT Catéter Balón 10-46mm

Made by:
Scitech Productos Médicos SA – Brasil